Dammasae's Journey

An Old Friend Cometh

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As the world came to a halt around him, Elminster took a moment to take in the scene before him. Creatures and constructs of all shapes and sizes were locked in combat all around him. Some of them he recognized, most he did not. He took the ornate obsidian rod he had just used to augment his spell, and he put it carefully away. It had happened now more times than he could remember that he would be minding his own business, perhaps explaining to some incredulous young mage the importance of clean undergarments to the proper administration of a “disguise self” spell, when he would be yanked away without warning to some dangerous, far-away place. All in order to carry out Mystra’s wishes. So he did what he normally did in these situations, brought things down to a more manageable speed, and asked his goddess for direction. As he bowed his head, he reached down within himself for the warmth of that familiar silver fire, that connection to the goddess that all chosen share. As he did so, he felt it’s warmth rise up within him, and with it came an understanding of why he was there, and what he needed to do. He had of course been keeping tabs on the lass, doing what he could to throw the many factions seeking her off the trail, but he’d be damned if she had made it very easy to do so. Many nights while she and her comrades had been sleeping soundly, he had been layering wards on their resting place and criss-crossing the realms trying to throw others off her tracks. It was good to see her again then, especially alive and well. “Well” being a relative term in this case he supposed, judging by the battle that had been raging only a moment ago. He smirked to himself a little on this last thought, he was glad the lass was causing trouble for someone else for a change. Elminster gave a ring on his right hand a little twist and then drew out an exquisite ruby rod and muttered something under his breath. There was a soft flash of blue magic from the end of the rod and nothing more. He set the ruby rod in the air in front of him where it floated lazily as he set to work casting a spell. The weaving of his fingers was as effortless to him as breathing as he made the intricate patterns necessary to cast his spell. When he finished, the rod in front of him came to light with a blue glow all the way up and down it’s shaft. He took it into his hand and pointed it at two areas on the ground in front of him. It flared brightly for a moment each time he pointed it, and then ceased to glow. With the rod still aimed at the last spot, he reached his other hand and touched the necklace on his neck, whispering a word of command. Again there was a soft flash of blue light from the ruby rod. He placed it back in the air in front of him. He then drew the obsidian rod once more, and set it in the air in front of him to float also. Again his fingers danced their dance and the obsidian rod lit up with a blue glow. As before he pointed to two spots on the ground, and the rod flashed brightly at each before the blue glow faded away. He put the obsidian rod away and grabbed the ruby rod from the air, pointing it at a different point on the ground, he again grabbed his necklace with the other hand and whispered the command word, causing the rod to emit a soft flash of blue light once more. He then put the ruby rod away also, and set to work casting yet another spell. Black energies swirled and coalesced all around the ground in front of him, forming themselves into horrid black tentacles that thrashed about, seeking any prey they could grab a hold of. He knew the duration of his spell would be coming to an end soon, so before it did he reached up and grabbed a dangling earring. He looked into the vast white distance beyond and smiled broadly before giving a little wink and disappearing.



An Old Friend Cometh
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