Dammasae's Journey

Assault on the Spire

So much Undeath...

This post is meant as a refresher since it has been a few weeks since we last played.

In the last adventure log post, the party was still defending the ever diminishing Great Wild Wood borders from the enigmatic creatures known as “Reapers”…

Since then, they learned that the Cult of the Purple Dragon (more specifically, the cell that calls the Tower of the Talon its home) was responsible for the attacks, and were using dark and powerful magics to enhance and bend the Reapers to their will. The party was able to discover that the cult had long sought to subjugate the dragons of the copper mountains, and that the party’s slaying of one of the “sacred” dracoliches at the battle of Mystra’s fire was the final catalyst that caused the Wearers of Purple to start a campaign that would burn it’s way through the meddlesome druid’s forest, annihilate the “defilers” known as the Order of the Gem Dragons, and finally bring reason and understanding to the dragons of the copper mountains.

Armed with this new knowledge, a heated debate took place, with the party ultimately deciding to take the fight to their enemy by attacking the Tower of the Talon directly themselves.

So it was that the party teleported as close to the tower as was possible given the defensive magics surrounding it. This left them with a 10 mile ride to reach the tower, but as they drew closer, they could see that someone had beat them to attacking the tower.

A vast army of the Red Wizards of Thay, carrying the banners of the Zulkir of Necromancy, and employing a vast array of undead abominations, was besieging the Tower of the Talon. And while the protective mythal around the tower still appeared to be intact, the Keepers of the Secret Hoard’s forces on the ground and in the air appeared to be losing the battle to the seemingly endless waves of undead the Red Wizards were throwing at them.

It was at this time that one of the elder wyrm wings broke from the battle to meet the new threat that the tower’s defensive magics had alerted them to. They swooped in to attack the party with the coordination of a flight that has fought together for centuries, but were not prepared for the party’s might, and were dispatched in a matter of seconds.

The wyrms now dealt with, the party was able to approach closer to the battle, and get a good view of the battlefield from an overlooking cliff. After some study, the party members more seasoned in the combat of armies could see that both armies were concentrating extra efforts and forces to one particular area, where a warrior donned in purple and wearing the insignias of the cult was fighting a desperate battle with the Red Wizard forces, while also trying to keep the Wearers of Purple rallied and organized.

The party decided that if they were going to get any answers as to what was happening here, and have a good chance of getting the Purple Dragon Cult to withdraw their forces from the Great Wild Wood, then they needed to reach this person of interest and speak to him before he fell to the Red Wizard forces.

Their game plan having now been decided, those party members who were not fleet of foot, or could not fly, climbed aboard the great triceratops Zarven, and with a “HYAH” from Euphemia, went charging thru the Red Wizard ranks. Being not prepared for an attack from behind by a rampaging triceratops, the Red Wizard forces were easily thrown out of the way, or trampled underneath Zarvan’s great hooves.

This strategy was super effective, and the party soon found themselves fighting alongside the Keepers of the Secret Hoard and their person of interest, the powerful Lord Deuckeglu Oocoa….


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