Dammasae's Journey

MetaConcert Interrupted

Part 3

As the night started the party was still locked in combat with some of the psions from Lustra’s metaconcert. Xindi Shrest (ran by Sara) and Bahram Val (ran by akaWolf72) had already been dispatched, and were sucked into the vortex. The traitor Fidux had also been defeated, and he too was sucked into the vortex. It was also assumed that Shiri had dispatched Vicoyss Baenrret (ran by blargrg) although for some reason his invisible construct was still wreaking havoc. Kau’ra Goosh (ran by EthanJackson) was assumed to be the only psion left standing who was opposed to the party. Only is probably not the best descriptor in this situation though as Vicoyss was still alive, just hiding, and Kau’ra had used the Egoist power Fission to create an identical replica of herself (and both Kau’ras subsequently used Breath of the Black Dragon on Cara and Norendithas, killing Cara outright, and bringing Norendithas right to the brink of death). As the battle raged, the party and their psion allies were able to destroy one of the Kau’ra Goosh copies, but it was quickly replaced by a flying monstrosity that appeared to have risen out of the vortex to join the fray (in fact this was a ploy by Vicoyss to continue to bring Astral Constructs into the battle, without revealing that he was still a part of it). This prompted Scruffy to encase the vortex in a box of molded stone while Davram (in dragon form) and Tsubasa made attacks against the new foe. After molding stone around the vortex, Scruffy was very surprised to be attacked by the invisible construct and it’s vicious blades. The construct buried it’s blades in scruffy’s body, but before it could perform it’s rend and kill him, scruffy called out to his gnomish god for aid. He being a favored soul of his diety requesting aid, his diety deemed he should receive it, and so scruffy turned to stone and melded into the floor without taking further damage, while a great column of stone sprung up from beneath the construct, smashing it against the ceiling and destroying it. Soon after this, Vicoyss was spotted hiding behind a statue, and had to make a hasty command to his flying construct to come scoop him up and save him from Onickar Dwarther (played by snoellh), Gerishel, Cairon, and others who were closing in on his hiding place. Unfortunately for Vicoyss Baenrret, his expeditious flight brought him into the path of the party’s favorite cookie giving warlock, Lily, who unleashed a massive (confirmed critical) blast of hellfire at Vicoyss that caused him to be sucked into the vortex, and his construct to disappear. This left only Kau’ra Goosh still fighting against the party. Davram swooped down and did an overrun on her, knocking her prone. Kau’ra tried one last desperate manifestation to escape, but the party members who were standing around quickly silenced her before she could finish. As the final blow was struck, Kau’ra Goosh too was sucked into the vortex.

The immediate threat seemingly taken care of, a great rumbling issued forth from the box covered vortex. The box itself didn’t give way, but Vedis Perchnosius (normally played by Chris, but this night played by OffKilter) warned everyone that he could sense the vortex trying to close and that he could only hold it open for a short time. If they wanted to go through it and give chase to Lustra’s minions, (and hopefully Lustra herself, although Vedis could neither confirm or deny her presence there), he informed them that they had better do it now. When asked where the portal led, Vedis could only answer that it was a minor plane of some type which was unfamiliar to him. Davram informed everyone that he would proceed through the portal, since through the portal lay the best odds of rescuing the girl (Dammassae). There was a consensus among the party and the psions to proceed through the portal (although the psions knew nothing of this “girl” of whom the half-dragon spoke, and only sought the defeat of Lustra).

Upon arriving on this new minor plane, the party and their psion allies found themselves alone on a vast expanse of white. There were no discernible features as far as the eye could see, and even the horizon was difficult to pinpoint, since the sky was white also. Everyone took ready positions, expecting an attack to come immediately upon them…but no such attack came. Sharest Gunfort (played by MichaelNeeley) warned everyone to be on their guard, since this plane was likely Lustra’s own. She explained that it was likely created through the powerful Shaper power Genesis and that Lustra very likely knew of their arrival. Vedis added that since it was unknown how time worked on this plane, it was possible that their foes may have had time to prepare for their arrival. Yet for all of this, no attack ever came. Davram took to the air to scout the area around them, but found all he could see was more whiteness stretching off in every direction. Not knowing how or where to proceed, Esmeralda Dwarther (played by Colton) began using a very powerful Seer power called Metafaculty to pinpoint the location of one of Lustra’s minions, while she also used Anchored Navigation to provide an error free beacon for Vedis to teleport back to while he teleported around scouting. It took Esmeralda 12 hours, but she finally found a pattern in the false signals she kept receiving, and was fairly certain which direction they needed to proceed. The party being healed, rested, and refreshed, they set off in the direction Esmeralda indicated. A few brave souls climbed on the backs of the dragons, while the rest held hands and traveled with Vedis via Dimension Door along the vast, white plane.

Almost a full day of travelling later, Davram’s keen eyes spotted a speck of green on the horizon, the first sign of anything besides white nothingness they had come across. He offloaded his passengers with Cairon (who can also use Dimension Door just not as effectively as Vedis) and he went ahead to scout the area. What he discovered was a vast expanse of green rolling hills, criss-crossed by earthen roads and bright blue streams. This new landscape continued off as far as he could see, disappearing over the horizon. He communicated this back to everyone via the telepathic link. He started to investigate the area from above, trying to spot any sign of movement, while everyone else moved forward to the edge of this green expanse.

The night ended with most of the party standing at the edge of this vast green carpet, ready to take their first steps into the unknown…


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