Dammasae's Journey

Quick Recap

Because I couldn't remember...

This is just a quick recap for you guys to remind you of what was going on the last time we played.

When last we played, the party was still overseeing construction of their stronghold, and reaching out to their various networks of contacts to raise support for their cause. An agreement was made with Cairon and his order within the Elan community, for them to place their own tower within the stronghold, in exchange for them providing an elite squad of elan psionics to defend the stronghold.

The party had also reached out to other groups in the area, and had met with varying levels of success. This included the dwarves who lived on the other side of the mountain range to the north, who were rude, and not interested in the party’s offer.

A couple of weeks after this encounter however, a runner arrived from the dwarf fortress. He informed the party that his people were under attack by an army of red wizards and their minions, and although powerful, ancient magics protected their home, they could not hold out forever.

They informed the party that they had discovered that the red wizards were seeking whoever had been involved with the incident in their lands, and had come to the dwarf fortress as a result of tales of a warrior wielding a dwarven sword, that was specifically designed to kill mages. The dwarves continued that because they knew the party possessed such a weapon, that they must be responsible for what happened in Thay, and that they therefore should come assist the innocent dwarves.

The party agreed to come to the dwarves aid, save for Gerishel, who was away meeting with the druids. Using a secret back entrance, the party gained access to the dwarf fortress. Once there, they found dwarven and red wizard bodies everywhere, and could easily surmise that the fortress had already been infiltrated by the red wizards, and that they would have to fight their way through them.

They soon came upon a battle raging between an unknown warrior, two thayan zealots, and a powerful red wizard. The unknown warrior called out for the party’s aid as he dispatched one of the zealots and disappeared from sight. The party chose to aid the unknown warrior, and were able to dispatch the red wizard with his aid.

The unknown warrior identified himself as Dorhar’luthnezdous, a devoted (some might say fanatical) servant of Eilistraee. He revealed to the party that he seeks a powerful artifact of Eilistraee, which he believes to be in the possession of one of the red wizard zulkirs. This act of thievery alone marked the Red Wizards of Thay as enemies of Eilistraee in Dorhar’luthnezdous’ eyes, and he in turn has sworn an oath to destroy them whenever he encounters them.

This was enough info for the party to decide to allow Dorhar’luthnezdous to fight by their side as they cleared the rest of the fortress of invaders. Once this had been accomplished, the remaining dwarves in the fortress stayed behind to guard the flank, while the party rushed to push the red wizard forces back out of the main entrance of the fortress.

To the party’s surprise, they heard Gerishel over the mind link informing them that he was about to clear the entrance. A huge emerald dragon dropped from the sky and landed with explosive force in front of the entrance, crushing many of the red wizard forces. He drew in a mighty breath, and unleashed super sonic winds at the red wizard forces that were already within the entrance to the fortress. The enemies were thrown about like ragdolls, slamming into unyielding dwarven architecture.

The party took this opportunity to rush out of the entrance, and join Gerishel in the battle royale that was waging outside. As they fought fiercely with the red wizard frontline forces, the red wizards themselves hurled death their way from the back of the enemy lines. Thankfully, some of the ancient wards were still holding, and thus the party was spared from the majority of the onslaught.

Seeing how deftly the party was dispatching their minions, the red wizards instead entered into a chant together, combining their considerable arcane might into a powerful spell. Upon it’s completion (the party was somewhat occupied, and didn’t interrupt it) a powerful dracolich was summoned to their aid. The red wizards then used this as a distraction while they beat a hasty retreat.

The party then faced off against the dracolich in a fierce battle, eventually managing to dispatch it, and the remaining red wizard forces.

Upon neutralizing the threat to the dwarf fortress, the party then met with the dwarven leaders, and agreed to supply the dwarves with a garrison of their forces, to bolster their now heavily depleted forces, and as an act of good faith for unintentionally bringing the red wizards to their doorstep. The party agreed to this arrangement readily, because it also would serve as a forward lookout for red wizard encroachments from the north.

The party has now traveled back to their stronghold, and is again assisting with it’s construction, while also working on gathering more allies.

And that’s where we left it. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


I feel like you sort of glossed over a certain earth-shattering, tide-changing crit. Just sayin… Lol

Quick Recap
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