Dammasae's Journey

The Forest's Ruin

Enter the Reavers

The night started out with the party in the dungeons of Lallara Mediocros – Zulkir of Abjuration. , trying to rescue Davram from his torture. The party found out he was there when they attempted to resurrect him, only to be told that he was already alive. A very powerful scry showed them the image of him being tortured by red wizards.

The party was stuck in an epic battle with a very powerful red wizard, which they struggled to defeat. Eventually, they brought him near enough to death that his contingency went off, and he was teleported away.

The party was able to locate Davram in one of the cells, and spirited him away to their stronghold (after many paranoid plane shifts by Zindalo). Shortly after arriving, Norendithas returned from whereabouts unknown, accompanied by a female air genasi. He informed the party that this was his sister, who had also been experimented on, and trained by Aznar.

Gerishel also returned, filling the party in on the details of the attack on the eastern edge of the forest, which the druids had come seeking their aid for previously. He described to them the terrible creatures he had encountered and battled against, which Anciano surmised sounded like soul reavers.

To add to the troubles, Scruffy came and informed the party that they had discovered a great chasm during their excavations out of which poured many mindless thrulls who attacked the workers.

Scruffy was able to dispatch them, and then melded into the stone to investigate. Below he found a whole complex filled with mindless thrulls, hustling and bustling about. He informed the party that he had sealed up the hole, but it would need to be dealt with soon.

The party chose to deal with the forest first, preparing themselves with a plethora of buffs, before tree-traveling to the edge of the forest. They arrived just in time to see a druid in eagle form dive-bombing something at the edge of the trees, which appeared suddenly behind it, forcing them both to the ground.

The party teleported to the area of destroyed forest past where they had just seen the two creatures disappear, and proceeded to focus fire one of the three soul reavers. It withstood a great deal of damage, but Norendithas eventually landed a critical hit on it and decapitated it.

When we left off, the party was trying to decide whether to try and tackle another one, or to retreat.


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