Bahram Val

Male Xeph Soulknife 20


Bahram Val is a psion with no remorse. When Xeph children reach adolescence, they go out into the world to experience life as different races. Xeph are natural shapeshifters and illusionists, and spend years living amongst other races in order to decide what form they want to take on as their permanent one when they reach adulthood.

Bahram had the misfortune of meeting a particularly powerful mindflayer named Xitok’zain the Uncaring, while masquerading as a duergar in the underdark. Xitok saw right through his illusion and could detect the latent psionic talent that Bahram possessed. A plan began to develop in Xitok’s mind and so she captured Bahram for her machinations.

For years all he knew was combat. Whether it was mental or physical, his body and will were constantly tested. His mindblades grew strong as he learnt to manifest them in new and amazing ways, and his body grew dexterous as he avoided danger after danger sent at him. Then the killing started.

He fought it at first, thinking it wrong to take a life without purpose, but Xitok’s punishments were quick, severe, and effective. Soon, taking a life meant nothing to Bahram. Xitok always rewarded him well for his work, and with time, he lusted to plunge his blades deep into the flesh.

Xitok was adamant that Bahram never settle on an adult form, forcing him to maintain the fluidity of form that marks Xeph childhood. Bahram found this quite agreeable, as it meant he could very easily infiltrate nearly anywhere that a target might hide.

Eventually, Xitok either tired of him, or no longer needed his services, as Bahram was brought before a woman he had never seen before, and told he was now hers. The woman was intriguing to him because his mistress Xitok spoke to this woman with reverence, instead of as food.

He didn’t quite understand what this meant to him, was he to not kill her then? Would she be telling him who he could kill now? He longed to sink his mindblades deep and feel warm blood splatter his face, perhaps he should tell his new mistress that? Before he could decide, a dark fog came over his mind, and the seductive female voice of Lustra whispered, “Yes, you’ll do just fine….”

Bahram Val

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