Esmeralda Dwarther

Female Human Seer 20


Esmeralda Dwarther is a woman who didn’t ask for any of this. Blessed/Cursed with the “gift” of second-sight at a young age, she has been shunned and feared most of her life. Esmeralda never knew who her parents were, and had to use her talents to survive on the streets of Waterdeep.

It was during her years in Waterdeep that she learned how to defend herself, using her powers to protect herself from the more unsavory members of Waterdeep’s streets. She eventually earned a reputation as a mysterious girl who was not to be messed with, and enjoyed a modicum of peace.

One night, Esmeralda was struck with a particularly powerful vision, one of her and a dwarf running from some powerful evil. Her heart leapt when she saw the dwarf and she at once felt the most powerful connection to him she had ever felt. She resolved herself then and there to find this dwarf and discover what her future would hold.

When she found the dwarf, she learned his name was Onickar Dwarther and that he too was special like her. A very powerful fighter, she and Onickar immediately had a connection that was beyond description. They left Waterdeep and traveled the realms for a time, learning more about each other and the many wonders that Faerun contains.

Eventually, Esmeralda was awakened by the same vision again one night, only this time her heart was filled with terror. She awakened Onickar and they made a hasty departure from the roadside inn where they were staying. As they steeled away into the night, they could see the inn consumed in flames far behind them.

The two fled for several years before they were eventually captured by Lustra and forced to join the metaconcert. Esmeralda’s second-sight, together with Onickar’s fighting prowess, made the pair a very difficult capture for Lustra. They were able to thwart her attempts many times before being double-crossed by their former friend Vicoyss Baenrret, whom Onickar had helped escape from the underdark many years ago.

Esmeralda Dwarther

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