Onickar Dwarther

Male Gray Dwarf Psi Warrior 20


Onickar Dwarther is an honorable fighter who cares little for the struggles between good and evil, and mostly just seeks order. He is very disturbed by the chaos that has been sewn by Lustra while she has been dominating his mind. He desires that she be brought to justice and that this nightmarish dream come to an end.

Onickar was captured by Lustra together with his wife Esmeralda Dwarther. Esmeralda’s second-sight, together with Onickar’s fighting prowess, made the pair a very difficult capture for Lustra. They were able to thwart her attempts many times before being double-crossed by their former friend Vicoyss Baenrret, whom Onickar had helped escape from the underdark many years ago.

Onickar Dwarther

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