Sharest Gunfort

Female Elan Telepath 20


Sharest Gunfort was the original manifester of the Metaconcert, and the thread that held it all together. She was tricked by Lustra into entering a metaconcert with her and allowing Lustra full control over it many centuries ago. Lustra immediately used her new power to enslave the mind of the telepath and go on a manhunt to capture a psion from each of the psionic disciplines, and make her mastery of psionics complete.

More than any of the other psions, Sharest knows the full extent of Lustra’s wickedness, and has seen firsthand all the atrocities she has committed with the power of the metaconcert. Though she is no fighter, she will do all in her power to thwart Lustra’s plans, and will aid in any way she can anyone who she believes is opposed to Lustra.

Sharest Gunfort

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