Vicoyss Baenrret

Male Dark Elf Shaper 20


Vicoyss Baenrret is a drow of considerable power. Such a distinction is not always a welcome thing in the underdark, and Vicoyss ended up fleeing for his life to the surface, when the house of Baenrret was wiped out by a concentrated attack by three rival houses. His unique talents eventually drew Lustra’s attention, and she offered Vicoyss a deal he could not refuse.

Vicoyss is one of the only one of Lustra’s minions that she occasionally allows to think for himself. He has sworn a blood oath to Lustra to serve her faithfully in exchange for a promise she has made to him (more on that later). As such, Vicoyss has firm orders from Lustra that in the event of a breach of any kind in the meta-concert, he is to capture or eliminate any other concert members not loyal to Lustra, and take care of whatever caused the breach.

Vicoyss Baenrret

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