Xindi Shrest

Genderless Dromite Wilder 20


Xindi Shrest’s main motivation is to destroy the enemies of the glorious Lustra. It doesn’t have any ties to the other minions of Lustra, and won’t go out of it’s way to help them unless commanded to do so. Xindi has been under Lustra’s control for a very long time, and being mind-controlled for such a long period of time has warped an already unstable mind. Xindi believes Lustra to be nothing short of a god, and it desperately wants to gain her favor in order to harness power like hers.

Xindi is a fierce fighter that uses wild surges and overcharges (separately of course) to deal as much damage as possible, with little thought to it’s own welfare, and little care for it’s power point reserve. Wilders are like a gasoline explosion, super explosive and hot, but burn out fast. Xindi is not stupid though, and should not be thought of as a kamikaze, just not a master tactician.

Xindi Shrest

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