Dammasae's Journey

The Forest's Ruin Part 2

Don't Fear the Reaver...

The night started with the party retreating back to their stronghold, having just defeated one of the three reavers they engaged at the edge of the forest.

They brought two druids that had been killed by the reavers bodies with them, in order to resurrect them. Upon returning to the stronghold, they were greeted by Davram in his humanoid form.

Davram informed the party that they had a trio of visitors who had arrived in their absence.

The first of these visitors is an old friend he encountered while fighting the mindless thrulls that the workmen found when they accidentally opened up a cavern to the underdark.

To Lily’s extreme delight, this old friend turned out to be Gorchuk the Physician and Apothecary

The other two visitors Davram was not familiar with, outside of meeting them briefly just before the party arrived.

The first was Zafire, a woman of dragon descent, who was very interested in everything dragon related, who had heard about the Order of the Gem Dragons, and wished to offer her services to their cause.

She seemed to have a great interest in Davram for his obvious dragon descent, and those in the party that were inclined to do so discovered that not only did her intentions appear to be pure, but that she seemed to be a good-aligned person.

For this reason, they chose to allow her to stick around for the time being and learn more about their cause.

The second was Marmaduke, a man of apparent giant descent, who also possessed the head of a dog. He explained that he is a seeker of artifacts, and had come to the keep following rumors that there was a warrior in this area that was possibly wielding a legendary bastard sword forged by a master dwarven smith in the Lost Forge of Thunder Peak

Norendithas recognizing that he was the warrior that Marmaduke was speaking of, and that Dal-Agrul was the legendary sword he was seeking, confronted him about his intentions. Marmaduke explained that whenever he found artifacts, that he destroyed evil artifacts outright and removed artifacts from the possession of evil creatures, but that if the artifact was not evil, and the wielder was worthy and unwilling to part with it, that he simply learned what he could about the artifact, and then went on his way.

This seemed to satisfy Norendithas, and so he melded Dal-Agrul with the stronghold, so that Marmaduke could talk directly to it at his leisure.

Marmaduke now knowing more about the party and what their intentions were regarding the red wizards, entreated the party to allow him to offer his assistance to their cause also, in exchange for a fair share of the spoils, and a chance to study any artifacts they discovered. He also made it clear that he would like first dibs on buying any artifacts that party members wished to part with.

After a tear-filled reunion with the party members who had met him before, and a very uncomfortable introduction to all of the awe-struck people who had not, Gorchuk revealed to them how he had come to be in the underdark beneath their stronghold.

Gorchuk had grown restless since the party had left Oblivion, there not being much to do now that the town was not under siege by the juggernaut. The leaders of the town sensed this, and having seen what the party was up to in their divinations, they encouraged Gorchuk to go and offer his services to them.

Gorchuk then pitched his idea to start a teaching hospital at the stronghold, one that he could serve as provost of, and train willing recruits in both magical and alchemical healing.

After conferring with Gorchuk, Brolin Stoutarm and Scruffy, the startup costs were determined to be the following:

Base Structure – 1 basement level, 3 above ground levels, (additional magic shielding baked into the stone of the top level) – 500,000 GP
Outside Greenhouse and Creature Enclosures – 100,000 GP
Initial Inventory – Bandages, vials, other misc supplies – 20,000 GP

The ongoing costs were estimated to be the following:

Peacetime – 2,000 GP/month + wages
Wartime – 20,000 GP/month + hazard wages

With all of these items in place, Gorchuk estimated that they could reduce the casualties in combat by as much as 30%

The party voted to proceed with this plan, and ordered Brolin and Scruffy to add the hospital to their schematics.

Having been injured with persistent wounds by the reavers, both Gerishel and Norendithas chose to sit out the next foray against the reavers. They were expertly attended to by Gorchuk, in order to increase the natural healing of their serious wounds.

Gerishel then decided to accompany the newly resurrected druids back to their leader, in order to help them devise better strategies against the reavers, while Norendithas chose to take Davram’s place defending the stronghold from the mindless thrulls trying to come up from the underdark still.

The remaining party members, with the two new arrivals tagging along, then proceeded back to the edge of the forest, and engaged the two reavers they had left alive the first time.

The battle was long and hard fought, but they eventually defeated these two remaining reavers. Unfortunately, Marmaduke was killed during the battle, and had to have revivify cast on him to bring him back.

The party then returned to the stronghold, and had Gorchuk tend to Marmaduke’s persistent wounds also.

The night ended with most of the party members having teleported to Waterdeep to shop for items.


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